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Delivery and implementation of SAP solutions

SAP solutions support the fulfilment of customers' strategic goals and the implementation of business applications. Before implementation, we place great emphasis on a thorough analysis of the needs of our customers, for whom we can always propose the optimal solution thanks to our experience in modelling and redesigning business processes. Thanks to our long-term partnership with SAP and the status of a SAP VAR partner, we have extensive experience with these solutions and can ensure the delivery of SAP licences as well as the following support within the scope of SAP SW maintenance services.

Transition to SAP S/4 HANA solutions

To new or existing customers who use solutions on the SAP platform today, we offer the implementation of the new SAP S/4HANA system and/or the migration of the existing SAP system to the new SAP S/4HANA solution. For customers using an SAP solution, it is possible to switch to SAP S/4HANA either by converting the existing SAP solution or by reimplementing the required functionality within the new solution. To ensure the transition is as simple as possible, we recommend that existing customers conduct an SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check, which helps us choose the right path for transitioning to the new system.

Adaptation of a standard system to specific requirements

Standard solutions from SAP are comprehensive and contain functionalities required for various industries. Their implementation is often associated only with the proper configuration of parameters to match a customer's needs. However, if it is necessary to expand their functionality for your specific needs, we will provide you with the services of our top developers, who implement the adaptation of a standard solution within ABAP or JAVA technology, or within specific additional solutions based on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Data migration

Data migration is usually a necessary part of every solution implementation, when it is necessary to convert current or historical customer data to the new system.

We are able to implement the following types of data migrations:

System support

Customer care does not end with the successful implementation of a new system or solution. We have at our disposal an experienced team that will ensure the fulfilment of regular as well as ad hoc customer requests for full-scale support. We solve the method of placing such requests individually with each customer. To maintain the necessary quality of services and agreed parameters, we also use tools such as CA and SAP Helpdesk.

We provide services in the following areas:

Ensuring continuity of SAP system operations

To support operations and system management, we provide the Early Watch Alerting system and the Support Desk system as system monitoring tools and services. Management and monitoring solutions are built on SAP Solution Manager technology, which is part of every SAP application package.

It optimises SAP operations. SAP SM contains tools for:

Application and business consulting

Thanks to the many years of experience of our consultants and our successful implementations, we also provide consultancy in various areas of internal processes and information technology.

We primarily focus on:


Digitise your purchasing.

Eliminate paper documents

The SAP DSN cloud solution allows you to digitise and automate the purchasing process without unnecessary investments in hardware. By connecting to a global network, you can directly connect with millions of organisations or create connections with current suppliers. This digitisation of purchasing and automation of the purchasing process eliminates paper and email documentation and the need for telephone or email communication with suppliers, which can greatly increase purchasing efficiency and save time.

The system also allows you to standardise communication with suppliers, as all communication with them has the same format and structure and exists clearly in one place. In addition, both parties are immediately informed of a change in the status of the document, so there is no need to update them with additional communication.

Primary benefits of the solution:


Automate procurement processes.

Effective management and automation of the purchasing process reduces the costs associated with purchasing and its processing. SAP ARIBA cloud solutions accessible from a conventional computer or mobile device connect customers and suppliers within the SAP ARIBA network. More than 4 million organisations are involved in it, and within the framework of the solution they conduct transactions worth almost USD 3 trillion.

SAP ARIBA enables integration with ERP systems and provides full control over procurement processes in the ordering of goods and services, as well as in strategic management.

Contains solutions for:

The SAP ARIBA solution also offers a special version of SAP ARIBA SNAP, intended for medium and small enterprises. The solution is pre-configured for the comprehensive security of procurement processes, from entering the purchase request to receiving the invoice from the supplier and registering it in the company information system.

The SAP ARIBA SNAP solution can deliver:
– digitalisation of the purchasing process from entering the request to invoicing
– increasing the visibility of the supplier’s performance and reducing supplier risk
– increasing savings in strategic purchases
– increasing the share of strategic purchasing and resulting savings
– increasing compliance with contract fulfilment
– reducing uncontrolled purchasing
– redirecting expenses towards preferred suppliers
– reducing the purchasing cycle time from securing funds to contract signature
– digitisation of invoice processing

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