The role of procurement in companies has been growing significantly in recent years. The reason is very clear – good procurement is literally key to the efficient functioning of companies and organisations. After all, where else can you save costs better than with a good purchase. We at Synchronix have the ideal solution for you, and Key Account Manager, Tomáš Škop, is ready to provide you with additional details in the video below.

In an effort to achieve the lowest possible purchase prices and make the purchasing process more efficient, many companies are abandoning the old way of working and switching to purchasing management through specialised solutions and digital business networks. We have truly come a long way from the binders thirty years ago that preceeded enterprise information systems.

Imagine that a worker chooses the necessary goods or services from catalogues in an environment reminiscent of a regular online store. A few clicks is all it takes to create a request, which is then sent for approval. After approval, a purchase order is automatically created, which is delivered to the supplier in real time via the digital business network. All documents are automatically transferred to the financial/accounting system, including the invoice from the supplier, of course after its automatic validation and according to the business rules set by the customer.

The digitisation of internal and external communication in the field of procurement makes it possible to streamline and shorten the purchasing cycle, to achieve interesting reductions in purchase prices, and at the same time to increase Compliance.

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