Long-term changes in the company were sealed with a name change

The story of Sevitech and its 25-year history is also a story full of transformations. Over the last quarter of a century, we have managed to develop into a stable and reliable player in the field of providing IT services and IT solutions through collective effort. This is evidenced by dozens of satisfied clients, our growing team and subsidiaries and orders in countries outside of Slovakia.

We decided to reflect these internal transformations, which moved the company forward, externally. After 25 years, we have changed the company’s name from Sevitech, a. s. to Synchronix, a. s.

The pandemic also accelerated this change

The decision to reassess the next strategy of the company and its position on the Slovak market was not arrived at overnight. The gradual process of changing the ownership structure of the company, which is now fully in the hands of the current management, was closely related to it as well. Administratively, this transformation culminated in spring of this year, and renaming the company thus serves as a seal of these long-term changes.

At the same time, last year and this year – like all sectors – we also had to go through an internal review of the company’s health and resilience. The pandemic forced almost every company to rethink their long-term direction and market position. In these burdensome circumstances, we were relieved to see that a company built on a stable team of professionals and in a long-term growing sector has a future, and that we have all the prerequisites to continue to be successful in our industry for a long time to come.

The future is a start-up

Despite the positive news about our stable position in the market, this does not mean that our change is simply a formality. Although we are not currently planning any major changes in the direction of the company, this does not mean that we are not moving forward. We have implemented new, transparent management processes in the company, and we will also focus on expanding our know-how and obtaining additional certifications. Professionalism has always been one of our primary values and we definitely want to build on this moving forward.

With modern times and innovations in the sector comes the pressure to expand the portfolio and changes to which an established company set up for complex orders cannot respond flexibly enough. That is also why we are dealing with various forms of expansion and, as part of a pilot project, we are also preparing a start-up, which should supplement and expand the company’s current setup. These projects should show that Synchronix is a viable company prepared to remain competitive for another 25 years.